Pleasure Spaces

Sex Rooms
and other pleasure spaces

We offer our combined expertise to create spaces for exclusive experiences. Thoughtful design and refined makeovers can bring renewed sensuality into your living spaces and offer the intimate refuge you seek. The old guest room, the former kid’s room, the basement, the attic or any other room you may want to make over or simply to give it a sensual, playful touch  – all have the potential to serve seduction.  We will listen to your personal preferences, mindfully visualise your wishes, inform you on materials and textures, and turn all into concrete designs; and finally deliver the hands-on implementation.

Together we will develop spaces dedicated to sensuality and eroticism. We want to offer competence, discretion, and know-how to open doors to new experiences.

Above all, it’s our desire to visualise and build spaces designed to satisfy pleasures, explore new directions, be they tantric sex, BDSM, or other intimate fantasies. Sex rooms can be works of art, they can be cosy and functional retreats, they can be anything a client wants. Through the process of communicating and designing a special sex room, clients may also understand better who they and their partners are and what they desire.

Our offer ranges from the initial conversation and clear sketches to quotations and cooperation with the appropriate – and of course discreet – craftsmen. 

Give in to your desires and surrender to the endless possibilities of fantasy!