29.01 – “Pain & Pleasure Manual Techniques”

Your fingers are amazing instruments always at your disposal, have you ever thought of using them to give pain to someone? And of doing so for good reasons? Come and learn why and how pain can be a wonderful instrument in exploring connections and deep, rich sensations.

Languages: English & German
Location: Praxis Gemeinschaft Heine 20 // Heinestrasse 20 – 1020 Wien
Time: Workshop 15h-18h
Arrivals from 14h45, 1 short break, possibility to stay after 18h for free practice.
Participants: max 30
Bookings: per email (info@pleasure-catalysts.com), payment instructions will follow.
– Standard fee 40€
– Sozialtarif 27€
What to bring: water bottle, comfy clothes, lungi or towel, notepad

Description: A hands-on exploration of pain as a functional element in massages and other types of bodywork; Pain as a chosen medium to bring about specific sensations or reactions leading to pleasure, deep relaxation, or emotional release. The workshop explores several techniques, safe and vulnerable zones, pressure points, ideation and implementation of a session including negotiation and consent. All steps are accompanied by the possibility to practice on other workshop participants through short exercises.